Hi, I am #CatWifPepe
The first Cat on Solana followed by Barack Obama

Cat < CatWifPepe, Look at the picture to see the change when Cat combines with Pepe!

before catafter cat

Cat helps other Cats

We believe " What Come From The Heart, Goes To The Heart ". We wanna touch your hearts, only people who feel the same emotions and synchronicities can accompany on the way to success

The more #CatWifPepe succeed, the more we donate to rescue other Cats. We are calling you !!!

Total Supply:

Secure your SOL

Now all you've got to do is buy your SOL in the PHANTOM APP, or, alternatively you can use an exchange and deposit using your wallet address

Buy some $CWIifPe

Now go to Raydium and paste the $CWIFPE Contract Address to swap your SOL.

Add to Your Wallet

Now you're all set! Welcome aboard the next rocket to the moon, just import the contract address to view you're holdings and you can track your earnings.

CATWIFPEPE Generator Coming Soon